Time Until Presale Close

About The Zydrogen Project

The Zydrogen Project will ultimately be a hub for the world of crypto masternodes. The subsect itself is plagued with scams, poor development, and a lack of transparency. While the space can be profitable, it is practically a minefield for those attempting to find legitimate projects. The Zydrogen Project aims to change that.

By creating a platform where coin reviews, masternode hosting, and shared masternodes will be easily located, investors can feel much safer about how they choose to invest their money within the crypto space. Gone will be the days where one must wonder if a project is dead, or if a development team is legitimate.

Writers will be vetted and compensated based on their efforts, as the goal is to encourage growth in transparent communication when it comes to cryptocurrency. In order to grow the industry, there must be trusted sources of information when money is at stake.

The Technology

Currently in development is a privacy-focused, decentralized blockchain system focused on logging transactions that pertain to the Zydrogen Project. Custom built on top of the Zerocoin Protocol, ZDN is a coin which combines Proof of Work alongside our unique “Galaxynode” masternode reward system. Miners, investors, and crypto enthusiasts alike will be able to take full advantage of all cutting edge security features.

In terms of use case, ZDN will be the currency for all masternode platform fees, as well as being the medium of payment for writers who contribute to project reviews. Further utilities will come as the project progresses, in response to the needs of the blockchain. More technical details are found within the whitepaper.


Investor Focused

The Zydrogen Project intends to have a profitable outcome through the coming years. Not only is the success of Zydrogen important, but assisting other quality projects in their journeys is paramount as well.

Technologically Sound

Zerocoin protocol, a secure masternode hosting platform, and a custom mining pool are among the pillars of the tech behind the Zydrogen Project.

Community Driven

Coming from a variety of educational backgrounds and experience levels within crypto, the amalgamation of knowledge within our core team will drive good ideas to the forefront.


Zydrogen’s use case is highly desirable, and will spread the reach and visibility of the venture via our knowledgeable marketing team.


Windows + Mac OS wallets are in final stages of development, with mobile and web wallets coming soon. The masternode hosting service will be accessible from any device.

Risk Mitigation

The platform will ultimately help to separate the valid projects from the cash grabs. Legitimacy in crypto needs identification.

Key Dates

  • Presale Starts

    The Zydrogen Project will hold its presale for up to 3 full weeks. All potential investors will need to register, and the ZMG coin swap will be processed as per the whitepaper.
    September 2018
  • Project Commencement

    The Zydrogen Project will release all coins + major wallets to investors, go live on exchanges, and begin work on the masternode hosting platform. Weekly progress updates will be delivered through Zydrogen mediums.
    October 2018
  • Review System

    Mining pool will be activated, alongside with our coin review system. Experienced writers and editors will be welcome to apply.
    November 2018
  • Infrastructure Growth

    Web and mobile wallets will begin development. Inquiries with larger exchanges will be made.
    December 2018
  • Platform Completion

    Masternode platform will be fully functional. Renting with BTC, shared masternodes, and hosting will all be available at launch.
    January 2019